I learned that there is nothing wrong with living for yourself. I learned that there is nothing wrong with being alone. I learned that time taught me to be strong, solid as rocks. I wake up every morning without flashbacks of my old heartbroken dreams. I dress up to feel good, and to look good in the mirror. I walk out the door without heading to past lovers or friends who got lost in the fight. I keep my head high and my vision clear. Dear god I knew we went through a lot. I know that days we’re so bad we didn’t live them. But I recovered and found my grip on life again, I formed missteps into chords and emotions into art. I know that my mind still remembers how dark the black was, and how beaten my body was. But I also know how to keep it going. How to let it flow like scraping rivers and robust red blood. How to defend my rights and how to barricade the voices. Oh those voices in my head. But I learned to be fluent and blazing brilliant. I tell myself to live for myself.

your shout was so deafening 


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