the least I could say pt 4

I don’t know how to tell you how much you mean to me. I can’t get my head around it. Life with you around is so much brighter than before. It is. Laughter seems more honest. Days seem longer. You seem prettier everyday.
God,  you are so gorgeous and you haven’t even noticed.



I’m scared of heights but I took the fall. I ran through the forest at night to be in the valley by morning. It was so vivid, sprinkled with wildflowers and love-me-love-not’s. You gave me goosebumps although the sunrays warmed my skin. The horizon gloomed in the daylight, I wasn’t afraid to look forward anymore. I don’t want to look back on all the skipping stones on my path, I never knew how many days I had before they sank with me in the wishingwell. You took be my the hand and guided me, I closed my eyes. I trusted you to guide me home. I took steps and heartbeats and a leap of faith. The valley stretched for miles, there was enough space for you to find all the words I wrote about you. Read them. Let them sink in. Believe every word. Hold them close. Save them for later. Remind yourself you’re worth it. There is a place for  you to be. There is a place for us to be, to grow, to nourish, to restore, to be held, to be better. Carry it in your heart. Let it take you higher.

I like you and I think that you should know that. 


Tell me twice that you’re scared and I’ll hold you even closer. I know we’re on thin ice but darling it’s still freezing outside. I’m not going anywhere, you know where to find me. You don’t have to run, you’re safe with me. I won’t hurt you and I won’t let you go

I found you in my dreams way before I found you in my arms. You’re not drifting, you’re only coming closer. 


Het regent en waait weer als vanouds. Vorige herfst kon ik het niet waarderen. Nu wel. Ik ben niet meer angstig. Ik maak mij te snel zorgen. Ik rouwde om het afscheid van iemand die nooit de mijne was. Ik dacht te ver vooruit. Voorzorgsmaatregelen. Ik ben zo opgelucht dat je eerlijk bent geweest. Laat de tijd je helen. Laat de tijd de woorden uit je hoofd nemen. Laat de regen je rustig maken. Je hebt mij niet nodig, je hebt al duizend keer gevochten.

Ik wacht op je.

Warm je handen aan mijn huid als je klaar bent.