16 NOVEMBER 2015

Sadness rules us. Whether it is a lost lover or a bad rainy day. It was never an emotional state, but a feeling which infiltrates our minds. We wake up in the morning and get right back into reality. My bed still smells like you. 7 AM. We drag ourselves out of bed into the dark and cold world of judgement. We choose clothing that will never fit well or feel right and our hair will never work the way we want to. The coffee you like suddenly tastes bitter. Strangers look grumpy and the wind has turned to the wrong direction. Every bit of human contact annoys you. Staring at walls, book and windows makes it all so empty. Even eating becomes a task and walking up the stairs make you tired. Everything you have to do becomes impossible, and anything you have done becomes ‘not good enough.’ And we look up, we breath and we walk. We continue, that is all we can to. When the world starts weighing you down, you bend, you never break. But you wake up the next morning and do it all over again. Lift it up. Lift yourself up.