Advice from the person you used to be;

I hope you have accomplished everything you have ever dreamed of. I hope you are where you want to be. Maybe you dreamed of walking across all five continents. Maybe you wanted to live next to your grandparents. Maybe you dreamed of building a house in the middle mother nature’s landscape. I hope that you found love, whether it is from you friends of your lover. I hope you have taken every chance. I hope you have never let anyone run away from you. I hope you have chased your love in life. I hope that you found peace. I hope that you found yourself, and that you are being yourself. I hope you have put away all struggles of the past that you enjoy life with confidence. I hope that haven’t become exactly like your parents. I hope you followed their wise advice, but don’t let them decide everything. I hope that you find satisfaction in what you do. If you wanted to be a manager, I hope that you have succeeded. If you wanted to be a musician, I hope you still enjoy making music, despite your popularity. If you wanted to social worker or psychologist, I hope that helping others still makes you feel good. I just hope that you are happy. I hope that you have followed your dreams. You might have gave up, once, twice, as long as you stood up. As long as you have never put yourself down. I hope you have fought for what you want. I hope that determination brought you beautiful things. And god knows that life is hard, it has always been. And I hope you remember, that you have always survived it, and I hope you still do. I hope that you haven’t forget you can conquer your fears and survive sadness. I hope that time has taken away all of your grief. I hope that you memorize the person you used to be, and I hope that you are proud. Proud of who you became, and what you have accomplished. I am, I have always been. We can make it. We keep hope.