You and me

It was going to be you and me. It might have supposed to be a you and me. But you were to caught up in the misery of past relationships. You havent healed in any way and you were so distant. I don’t love you, not anymore, I don’t think I ever truly have. I liked the idea of you and me, but now it is just me. I can’t possibly dream of anything better. So for now I’m going to live and listen to my music to loudly. And I’ll stop being miserable about someone I don’t deserve. 


16th of March

It is eight in the morning. I sit here at the dining table with fresh made cappuccino. I can hear a simple piano song playing from my computer. And at the corner of my eye the sun peeks from behind the clouds. The whole room is slowly starting to fill itself with sunlight. I can feel the warmth on the back of my black dress. I take another sip from my coffee. I can’t help but smile. It took me some time but I can finally say that I’m over you. You may live in the ruins of my dream. But when I wake up, I am going to start living for myself again.

And when somebody asks how I’m doing, I’ll answer again. You decided we could better be on our own and I can see that now. We have learned and we have lost, but I don’t need you anymore. You didn’t need me anymore. 

I don’t know if you still read my blog, but I’m doing fine.