Voor ons is geen
weg te lang of een
pad te donker om
samen te bevaren
met de wind in
de zeilen

Zeg me geen gedag
als je terugkomt
want afscheid nemen
is nog niet nodig

windkracht zeven
met donkergrijze wolken


22th of December

I hope for it be better,
I believe for it to be better

Our lives are intertwined like ivy,
but it is hard to grow in the winter cold.


Even though it seemed like I never fit in, I was part of this. I was part of this and I enjoyed every second of it. Don’t you dare think that I wanted to leave, but I moved on. I moved on to feel at home, to be at ease. I needed to escape and I did. Don’t miss me, I wont disappear.

Last week.

I had this all planned and figured out and ready to go. I’ve had these ideas in my head that I played on and on and on. And now reality doesn’t even come close to what I expected. There are so much things that don’t add up. I can’t seem to let go. I can’t help myself but to feel sad about how I saw my dreams come down and crash. I dont want to let go at all, this was all I had left.