And you never asked me. You just told me to stay awake. And I hadn’t quite figured out why I had to, and why I did it. The day evolved into the rising morning in which we always embrace the dark. At midday, we had already met. I saw you in the corner of my eye, you were passing the hallways in such haste that you didn’t notice me. I watched the silhouette of what had to be you. And I watched the door open en close. I watched at the spot where you just went, and where you just disappeared. It meant entirely nothing, but I glanced into the hallway beside me. It occured to me that we never cross ways, we had never clashed into each others figure. We somehow always moved side by side, it could have been an inch, it could have been outside out comfort zone, but it never was close enough. It was save, risky and defiant.

It wouldnt be long before you were in sight again. But always alongsides, and never up front.


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