‘that boy from school’

I always sat at the back of the classroom, so I could see everybody around me. He didn’t. He ran into the classroom every morning and took a seat at the front, usually the last empty seat. I saw it all happening, day after day. Some days he didn’t show up, but it was usually me who caused the empty seat. I didn’t spend much time at school. I had always been busy playing outside with the demons in my head. I’d rather search for something that would fill this hole within me. I stayed up late and woke early. I would take the bus home and beyond, I wandered streets of cities where I shouldn’t have been. He didn’t know, but he found out. He wondered where I had been, why I cut my hair and where my sister went. He asked me if I had ever regretted the choices I made, but I never did. Life was an endless ride of more and dangerous adventures. Try to live a little. Don’t show up late but don’t show up at all. Go for it, I know you’d be good at it.

‘that boy from school’ made me realize I wasn’t mad, just madly and awfully honest.