I never expected any of this. I remember getting exited when you replied to my first text. I remember how I smiled when you liked my pictures. I remember how I didn’t get my hopes up because I knew this would fade. This would all be phase and I’d forget about you.

You thought otherwise.

You reached for me in the middle of a crisis, I dragged you out of there. I gave you a new number to take your boredom out on and a new pair of hips to hold. I just wanted to be with you for a while, to own the experience. I never expected you to stick around. 

You though otherwise.

You invited youself over to lay in my arms and listen to my stories. Your presence was better then I ever expected, I felt safe. We spent day after day going over our past, our flaws, our faults, our dreams. I never thought we would plan trips for the future.

You though otherwise.

So we spent more time together and I didn’t expect to fall so hard for you. I never expected for us to have so much in common. For us to be dating and being out there for the world to see. I never expected for you to come back to me time after time. For you to take the risk and open up. I never expected us to fall in love, but we speak of nothing but butterflies. 

It was so unexpected but it feels so fucking good


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