I am always comparing my life to the life of others. I know that it is unfair and that you shouldn’t measure the worth of life to those of others. But I feel like I’m not even a proper opponent. I feel like I could never be close to equal. I depreciatingly look over the blurry horizon of what has been and what could have been.

unfair, unfair, unfair

Hurdles and burdens along the road, the endless roads of unexpected turns. If I could only be a little more patient. If only I wouldn’t assign for jobs before quitting the last. If only I could get a degree before assigning to other educations. If only I could get over my first lover before making promises to the fifth. If only I had time for all the things I wanted and needed to do. If only I would start living for today instead of the upcoming summer. If only I could start living instead of being lived by all of my restrictions.

If only time would pass,
I’d compare my life to my future


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