You don’t understand how it feels to be so misunderstood. You don’t listen when I speak from the heart. So my words are left in the dark and it makes me wonder. It makes me wonder in silence while I can’t reach you.

I can’t reach you and you’re hurt. I wish to right my wrongs. To handle the situation but it’s bigger then I can carry. So I wait for you to come around, cause you always do.

We oversee the facts, apologize for the pain and try to right our wrongs. We question what to feel and how to act. To hurt in silence or to confront the pain underneath. To re-unite with words or to let ourselves heal alone. Cause lately love seems to hurt too often.

But after all, we still hold on to the brightest moments. We wish for more, expect there to be more. Not wanting to give up because the sparks light up the darkest days.

So we come back, sometimes fast, sometimes it takes a while. But we come back looking for more, cause your arms still feel like home to me.


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