I’m scared to say, pt 4

I’m moving to the most beautiful city and all I can think about is running away from you. The prospect of leaving all our memories behind is calming. It eases my mind to know I can start again. So I won’t have to pass the places that we made memories, that we made our own.

And I want to move on cause I feel stupid for wanting you around. I feel dumb to desire your attention, but it was all I ever knew. I’m changing my habits and I’m changing myself for the better. Cause I value my own life and I look forward to the future, so it’s time to let go.

It’s time to let go and I know that, but when the sun sets I still think we could be friends and I wish it was real. When that song plays I want to let you know that I learned the chords. I learned the chords and I can play along, so I can leave all this behind.

And if I’m honest, I knew it was my fault for believing you cared. We never were friends if you left me like this.

I’m scared to say that I’m still looking for the answers in the pouring rain.


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