Silence; A personal update.

I’ve always been devoted to my blog. I spent hours a day browsing synonyms and translations. I spent half a lifetime trying to put my thoughts into words. But now we’re here, silence, absence, without a goodbye. I’m nowhere near ready to leave my blog, I’m very proud of what I’ve accomplished here. Everybody who read my content and my lovely followers who like and comment on the better parts.

I haven’t changed. My surroundings have changed drastically, because of that I find myself being different than before. I still have a dark side, everybody does, but it doesn’t define me as much as it used to. Insecurities and past struggles have been resolved. I had this longing to be selfsupporting and it is working out fine. To all the people who have known me all along; this is it. This right here, this is as good as it gets. Good days and more good days. Excitement, laughter, adventure, life really.

More to follow, stay tuned. Much love, Josephine


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