‘Cause sometimes I get scared that everything is temporarily and that things will change, but not for the better. I get caught up in feeling like our future is bound to be ruthless and fearful.’ ‘But then again everything is divided into phases, everything that defines us has come from different parts and pieces all throughout. I have to remind myself that not all endings are necessarily bad cause they teach me where to start again.’ ‘The coming and going of phases have taught me when to pull the plug or when to take a chance. They taught me when to start over, cause lately I feel like starting over has always been a good thing.’

‘Phases are always temporarily, but in the and all these challenges take me somewhere higher’


love is settling. love is soothing, – calming. being surrounded by love erases the thoughts of missing out, it eases the dirty cracks in your mind. you form a bubble of happiness and laughter that’s bigger then the doubt. life becomes a playground where pain is always temporarily, the flowers win from the mud.

I’m in a bubble and it is called love. and she is there with me.


And some days I think I love you a little bit too much. It consumes me whole and clouds my mind. All I can ever think about is you, you, you. I feel so sure that this is real that I don’t know how to live without you. I keep you close like a second skin, a virus inside my brains. You become my primary lifeline as if I don’t need to breathe. But I do, I live and breathe your being. I am entitled to the beauty that is your presence. Entitled to loving you, cause I’ve tried but I can’t stop.



Mijn handen niet groot genoeg, niet goed genoeg, ik sta nog altijd een stap achter, ze wankelt en ik kan de twijfel niet opvangen.

En ik kan alleen maar kijken hoe zij de hoop verliest, – de wanhoop verblind de mogelijkheid.