It hasnt been long –

It is not that I don’t have time for love. Or that I don’t believe in becoming genuinely happy together. I’m not scared of changes, but taking the chance is a risk. It is that I don’t have time to pick myself up again. Every timeĀ  it feels like I’m more alone then before. I don’t want to dry my tears again and put myself to bed. It takes so much time to gain the strenght to move on. To be strong and hold your heart close again. It takes time to be able to look that person in the eyes again. It takes time to stop avoiding everyone and every place. It takes time to find peace in an other place then your warm bed. When will I be fearless enough to do this all again. To take a chance in love and have faith in the ending of it. So much time has been a waste on people who promised not to leave. It is not that I don’t want to love you. I think I can’t right know, this isn’t our time. And maybe it will never be. You are the day and I’m the night. You live in a different timezone but it’s going to be alright


Do I have enough time?
Time is short, – valuable
It’s the space between two boundaries, – deadlines
Time is not reachable, – it slips through our hands, through our days and disappears in our soul.
It shrinks and takes our freedom away.
Time runs at you and will collide.
We had a sea of freedom but the rain never returned.
Time is like an infinite glacier, -slow, melting, precious – yet beautifully creeping forwards