‘Just tell me who it is’

And I looked up at her and laughed again
She was curious about who I was talking to
But the truth is that I don’t know myself

I told her your name
And she wondered if you were
‘that boy from last summer’

And I admitted to her that you were
You were someone I used to talk to
And somehow we found our way

We had already shared our stories
our dreams and wishes to each other
But I still have a lot to tell you

Most importantly, what you should know
Is that I am wondering, and asking myself
Will it be the same?


‘I dont know why I’m happy’
‘I just cant stop smiling’

    ‘It’s the sun, isn’t it?’

Maybe she was right
That the weather influenced
The way I felt today
Since I woke up

And I agree
That with the sun shining
I felt more relieved
then I was the day before

Knowing that spring
And even summer
Would soon be reality

The light in the living room
and the warmth
of the black carpet
beneath me

The sun doesnt need a metaphor
it’s the light himself