I don’t know where we went wrong. We found each other in the dead of the night, with the tension of voltage-shooting lightbeams. I think it left us no choice but to find comfort in each others arms. To find comfort in the recognition of each others struggles, – who were identical.

But then we gave up. We lost it like the night lost their darkness and was expected to be blue again. I never shed a tears and I never thought twice. Untill I found myself on a late fridaynight searching for your number. I searched for something that had been missing.

And every night I would look up to the stars and made wishes. I made wishes about my dreams and desires. And I waited for the stars to fall down and brighten my day. I would wait for them to give me a sign or a signal.

But tonight I looked at the sky and I saw no stars. I saw a darkclouded emptyness and an almost grey moon. And I knew why. I had made my dreams come true and I had chased my desires. I did everything I wanted to do, and it made me feel so powerful.