As a writer
I am so amused – yet confused
by reading the work of others
to know that I am not the only one
finding rest in visualizing our feeling
giving ink to our hearts
to create a series of words
that symbolize our true emotions
a reflection of our souls
and the creativity of our minds
all put together
makes a master piece
to convince your readers
in the goodness of humanity
or to overcome battles
and the find strenght in heartbreaks
we all know what sadness is
and we all have known joy
and days of pure happiness
our thoughts and our experiences

As a reader
I am so amused – yet confused
by the beauty of their creations
and how the human brain
could think of such combinations
which creates a new piece
something original
that no-one has ever thought of
or has experienced
but we get to know them

Language is the most powerful way of connecting people
wheter you are the writer or the reader