I was told –

We all know the empty space left in our beds feels like a black hole. But maybe there are galaxies on the other side, and maybe you will find peace with the fact that he left if you roll over. What if he wanted you to have more space to be free and to expand your dreamworld. If anything he never wanted you to feel like this. You were good enough and you deserve to be happy. Stop beating yourself up for all the little things that you might have done wrong, or all the words that you never said to him. You cant blame yourself for his decision, even when he admits to be wrong. I was told to never chase a guy, so you should let him run. Try to accept that he will not come back to you, and no nothing will ever be the same. And frozen days will be harsh without his presence in the cold wintermornings, and even this spring you’ll realize that you are still a bit lost. But time will pass and lonely mornings will end and this summer you will learn to be free again. I was told to always fight for love. Dont fight for a runner, fight for keeper. Fight for loving yourself again.


Did you know I’m still fighting day in and out
Did you ever hear me scream and shout
Did you hear you’re the one thing I can’t live without
That is what my nightmare was about
I have been crying all throughout

We’re like midnight hearts
Between now and yesterday
I know this time we have gone to far
To far away

You don’t say anything much
You’re not so easy to touch

Why did you lock me out?