She says so

‘She doesn’t even care’ – I know. I know that she really might not care. I’ve been there. People can be so heartwarming and genuine and interested, but in the end they will not care. It doesn’t matter if you ask why or why not. She wont even be bothered to answer. We live our own lives, with our own habits and methods. It’s a combination of arrogance and a self-centered vision. But how far will it reach? Why won’t you open up. Why won’t you respect other peoples feelings. Why won’t you appreciate the time investment. Why won’t you try to share and be happy together. Why won’t you care. Why won’t you care? – for people who lie awake at night with questions in their head


I understand far to well

that you can’t measure romance

by an amount of texts

Just this saturday

I found myself smiling

Widely at my screen

And I felt quite stupid

For valuing just this sentence

‘How are you darling?’

But It wasn’t the text

It was the thought

That he would care

And take the effort

To know that I’m still okay

And quite the conformation

That he still loved me

He still cared

And he was still there

After all these months

& counting