based on a true story;

‘I know. I know you love her.’ She looks down and stares at the edge of the sidewalk. She doesn’t understand. None of us does. Something so wrong can feel so right. She says that it will hurt, and I nodded. ‘It already does, I know you love her’ 

We all just want somebody to love, wrong or right. You can be so self secure and still long for conformation, conformation that you matter. That you are loved and remembered throughout the day. Into the night where we live in each others dreams. We fight tears and hide our shaky hands. What if it all falls down, the beginning of the end. The bitter end in our cruel world.

You don’t have to be alone. You don’t have to fear heartbreak. We hold the power in our hands. We can let go and hold on. But what do we choose. Who do we choose. We are driven by fear and regrets. But regrets bring sorrow and maybe you have forgotten about it tomorrow. Maybe you lie awake and hope to find answers  in the darkness of the ceiling. Truth is that we have never known and never will.

We didn’t see it coming. Like flooding waves and summer storms, We never expected this to happen. Our mind is confused and my heart is dripping. Drops of tears and blood, but we wash it down the drain. We look up. You never scream into the mirror. Don’t be angry at yourself.

Take a breath and stay calm. You will never change and you can always rely on yourself. As long as we believe. As long as we talk to our reflection. Stay close. Choose wisely. Love intimate. Give in and give up. Fight strong and recover.


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