I love people who have just woken up,

you hear them mumbling about floating dreams,

and the comfort of warm sheets.

I love people who can look at themselves,

face their naked body and skin and don’t back down,

but make another round.

I love people who twist their hair,

and knot it on top of their head,

and embrace the effortless look.

I love people who aren’t ashamed of emotion,

let their voice break and tears run,

and never hide in the shadows.

I love people who stand up,

start an argument to defend themselves,

and find satisfaction in justice.

I love people who can burst out laughing,

who giggle or scream or grin,

to express their amusement freely.

I love people who express their creativity,

who draw or paint or write poems and books,

and consider them as a brilliant artwork.

I love people who do their best,

who accept failure as part of their mission,

and try until they reach their goal.

I love people with a positive vision,

who remind you that the rain will always pass,

and remind you that time will heal everything.

I love people with outrageous desires,

with a voice, knowledge and a clear idea,

who never back down and never give up.

I love people who are close to themselves,

I love people who are sincere, honest, and pure.

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