I get withdrawal effects of reality. I cherish my memories and sing them back to sleep. I own my mind clarification. I haven’t listened to my heart for a long time. I hide all evidence but they grow like wildflowers. I drink to much alcohol but still have never stopped thinking. I am missing but I am not giving in. What has been, lies behind us, but we can look past the horizon. I have tried and no I have never gave up. I look back with watery eyes and a dry troth. I have been wanting to scream and yell but I am deaf to inhuman panic. I have been calling this my hometown, even though I wasn’t born here. I am a paradox and a contradiction but it all makes sense. I had been fighting but got caught in the middle. I wont rest and I wont settle. Halfway is quite a journey, but were not there yet. I will come back.

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