I was one of them. I was a person always seeking for better things and better days. I was eager for the adrenaline rush. I waited for fridays and was always looking for alcoholic nights. I loved attention and I had been loving so many. I never stood still and I never wanted to. I longed for things that made me feel alive, how good or bad. I wanted this dizzy, this warm and sparkling feeling. I never wanted to grow old, I never wanted my love to grow old. I made up stories and lived of lies. I comforted myself with the thought that this was it. Life was made of ups and downs and I accepted it. I accepted heartbreak and broken promises. Time passed and I was tired of giving my love. I was tired of living for this energy rush. I was getting nowhere. I found a save have. I looked around and breathed fresh air. I felt like there was more to live. I felt that there was more to love. I found balance and stability. I found comfort and loving arms. I set aside everything I once lived for. I thought. I thought that I had set aside everything I once lived for. My will was to weak and my eager to strong. I wanted those moments. I wanted my ups, and then everything came crashing down

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