A loveletter to my dearest;

Ever before I met you I have been writing. A mostly used sentence of mine is; it has been…  It has been a day since we last spoke. It has been a week since I saw you. It has been a month since I have felt happy. It has been 3 months and I still miss him. It has almost been a year since I lost all faith in love. And ever before I met you I have been wondering, I have been longing and living with desires. I knew that there was more to love and life then to spend it alone. It has been two months since I have met a companion, a lover and a friend. I still remember the distance between us that night. Both in our comfort zone, but where does that bring us? Take a step forward I said to myself. Take a free fall I told myself. Exchange numbers, exchange a kiss, exchange hearts. Because ever since I have been living with a passion in my heart and a love raging through my veins. You’re like the wind in my hair and the sun that warms my skin. You make me feel again. You dragged me our of this numb darkness and made me a better person. It has been a month since we opened our hearts. I have accepted that I love you with every bit of my existence. I have accepted that I am no longer alone. I have accepted that I let you in, and no I am never letting go. Letting go would cause a thousand days of sadness, it will cause heartache and empty bottles. I get watery eyes if I think of you not being here. You have been here all the time. I love you. All of you. I love way you smile at me, you make me feel worthy again. I love how you enjoy biking and running on a longer distance, you are always expanding your horizon. I love how you get exited when you talk about the things that you love. I love that you are proud of yourself when you make a beautiful cappuccino, and I love how we both start our days with coffee. I love how you can be so dead honest, and how you are always being sarcastic. I love how you still try to play piano, even though it sounds horrific. I love our inside jokes and memories we have made together. I love how you appreciate my poetry. I love how you always want to pay for me, even when you are broke yourself. I love how you always find opportunities to kiss me. Each day with you is a new one, and I look forward to many more. We have so much to give, we have so much to share, we have so much to love. May your love be strong and may your heart stay young, stay here. I love you. I really do.

Love, Josephine

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