our love was beautiful. our love was young and spontaneous. it was love at first sight. our love was a perfect cliche. it was holding hands and movie dates. it was sweaty hands and nervous touches. our love was deep. it was 2 am conversations and endless thoughts. our love was never rough. it was having the same opinion but also discussions about life. we never fought. we never yelled and we never screamed, but our eyes spoke. we cried on each others shoulder and our tears were always genuine. our love was everlasting. it was waking up and going to bed with the same person in our mind. it was having conversations with our eyes and loving with our touch. our love was everything and more. it was remembering each others favorite song and singing along. it was little gifts and notes and writing each other love-confessions. our love was intimate. it was a life together without shame or sorrow. it was bare skin and loving souls. our love was beautiful.

our breakup was never beautiful. it was losing eachother, – it was losing yourself. it was losing love and life.

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