I once wrote a love-letter

I hope someday you will realize what has happened. What we had was beautiful, you tried to deny that there was something between us. Maybe you actually never felt it like that, but I did.

I don’t want to sound sad, but I am sad, have been for the last 24 hours. The beginning is the hardest, then the pain will fade. It is over between us, and I am missing you, oh god I miss you.

I miss everything we used to be. You always knew what to say, even the shared silence was a sound. I gave you all the space you needed to live your own life.

A life where I no longer existed. You forgot about me, isn’t that true? You decided to move on, and to not text me. I just have to know why, I still wonder what I did wrong.

Its so hard to not know were we went wrong. I feel like it is all my fault and that is so hard to handle with. I think about you, and I always will. I will think of everything that we were, and everything we could have been.

I’m lost, I miss you
Please tell me if you are done, explain to me what happened. And say you want to move on. Don’t I deserve some form of closure?

I still dont know why I’m giving you this chance. I was told to never chase a guy, so I won’t. Tell me if you dont want to ever hear from me again, and I will let you go

I love you.
I still do.

Love, Josephine

A month has passed, I have moved on. Time heels all wounds. Always believe in that.

You are worthy of love. Don’t be so harsh on yourself

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