She noticed

‘Why are you so absent?’
‘Did you drink? It’s monday.. ‘
‘I thought you were sick, where were you today?

‘Am I the only one that noticed?’

You were.
I’m sorry girl,
But alcohol is an addiction
And it’s bloodshot behavior
So I crumble and collapse
And darkness is dominant
The eager is evident
To flee and forget
to go and be gone
because all this hatred and horror
makes me want to isolate from it all
don’t make me justify, and just
let me be in a killing kingdom
I will listen to this luminous
make-belief mystery solution
to escape this nuclear nightmare
didn’t we all overdose once
it’s just a poetic poison
can you refine reckless
someday I’ll be sober
just not today or tomorrow
for now it’s unknown and unthinkable
and very hard to visualize
just wait and witness

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