(un) knowlegde

‘I dont know’
‘-me neither’

if I could see the look in her eyes
her watery bloodshot eyes
the vision would show a dead end street
she knew there was no way back
no room for returning

the checkpoints were burned
black ashes would show the lost memories
of nights spend together
they knew it would never be the same
because something changed

what started this fire?

the raging fire in her heart,
causing pain,
knowing she burnt her,
it flickers in her head,
leaving her restless,
caught up in smoke

I know you are having trouble breathing
and you are suffocating in your words
coughing up old conversations

Do you think that the universe fights for souls to be together?
I don’t believe
that the universe
cares for your heart
beating black blood

I do believe
that the universe
cares for the globe
to spin from day to day
to make you dizzy and dazed

maybe you wouldn’t notice
that it is over
she said she is sorry

and she still doesn’t know

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